Team 1°

Lea Burkart


Photo: Lea Burkart

Name: Lea Burkart.

Where are you from? Berlin.

Describe yourself in 1-3 sentences (1-3 Words): Oh my goodness gracious…

Who is “Artist”? That’s too complicated. No Idea, can be everything.

What is extinct? Rotary dial.

What should exist? Kindness.

How do you feel about mistakes? What I will say now sounds like a quote from a postcard, but I think you always learn from mistakes and they bring you somewhere else in your life.

Superpowers? To be calm and not to freak out.

What is art for? I think it is for bringing people together, for inspiration. To laugh and cry – it sounds a bit emotional and romantic, but it is true.

Lea Burkart graduated from Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and worked for many years as a freelance dancer with Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch, among others. After living in London for several years she began teaching dance in schools and at the same time devoted herself to the study of Gyrokinesis and Pilates. Since 2020 she has been teaching at different Dance Studios in Berlin.

Andreas Eduardo Frank


Name: Andy

Where are you from? I am half German, half Ecuadorian

Describe yourself in 1-3 sentences (1-3 Words): Adventurous, explosive and deep

Who is “Artist”? Everyone is an artist, if they want to.

What is extinct? Extinct is when something vanishes from existence.

What should exist? Basically everything has the right to exist.

How do you feel about mistakes? Great! It’s very important to make mistakes.

Superpowers? I have a big heart for everyone.

What is art for? To change society.

Photo: Andreas-Eduardo Frank

Andreas Eduardo Frank (*1987) is a composer and performer. His oeuvre is versatile and characterized by close collaborations with outstanding artists of various disciplines on an international level. He plays with absurdity, humor and precision and wants to glitter in his works in a virtuoso way with what does not glitter. His pieces are mostly interdisciplinary and, at first glance, differ strongly from each other stylistically. Andreas works at a wide variety of aesthetic interfaces, between real and virtual, between music, performance, choreography, video and theater, and links them to the themes that occupy him and accompany him in life.
He builds castles of thought without fear of tearing them down again, in order to derive from their rubble a genuine concept of music that flirts boldly with other disciplines. His activities have led to numerous performances and commissioned works in Europe, Asia and America, in which, in addition to composing, he sometimes actively participates as a sound director or a performer. His works are regularly performed by renowned orchestras and artists on the international stage of New Music. Since 2019 he has been artistic director of the Ensemble Lemniscate Basel, he is a prizewinner of the 64th composition competition of the state capital Stuttgart and since 2021, a member of the program group of the Festival Rümlingen.

Ketty Marinova & Stefan Prohorov


Name: Ketty.

Where are you from? Sofia #1504.

Describe yourself in 1-3 sentences (1-3 Words): Stupid jokes and ninja behavior.

Who is “Artist”? Anyone who believes to be an artist and creates art.

What is extinct? Privacy.

What should exist? Devine glitter that appears every time when someone commits an act of goodness.

How do you feel about mistakes? Terrible, I feel terrible.

Superpowers? Truly listening to people and being able to understand them.

What is art for? Messing around and asking the right questions? Not sure, I’m still trying to guess.

Photos: Ketty Marinova

Name: Stefan Prohorov

Where are you from? Banishora

Describe yourself in 1-3 sentences (1-3 Words): Annoyingly initiative; Irritating sense of humor; No one believes I really care about some things;

Who is “Artist”? Who they believe is an artist.

What is extinct? The Legacy.

What should exist? Nice things.

How do you feel about mistakes? Super and increasingly super with increasing distance, but still okay.

Superpowers? My superpower is that I can generate a very large amount of very dumb jokes very quickly, and that’s my Trojan horse in society.

What is art for? What is art for – whatever many other things are for, but it’s much more enjoyable.

Ketty Marinova is a set designer and visual artist working in the field of video, theater and  performance. Her work focuses on the aesthetic dimensions of social problems. Among her projects  are the performance “Active Substance” (2021), the installation “The whole meaning of life” (2020),  the mock election campaign “Me for you” (2019).  Her work varies from commercials, music videos to well-known TV formats (such as the X Factor Bulgaria), short films to experimental theater pieces and interactive  performances.  She studied Set and Costume Design in the National Academy of Arts in Sofia, Bulgaria and the  L’École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Montpellier.  She’s been working on several international projects for the past few years – as part of the exhibition  team in Prague Quadrianale 2019, as a scenographer in Jaunos Teatros Dienos (2019 and 2021) in  Klaipeda, Lithuania and also in SZFERA 2019 in Targu Mures, Romania. Co-founder of Force Majeure Studio.

Stefan Prohorov is a Bulgarian stage director and playwright, working mostly in the fields of theatre and performance art. His work focuses on an interdisciplinary approach towards socially relevant subjects, as well as cross-cultural experiments in the field of classical theatre. He is also experienced as a cultural manager, having worked as a programmer for the largest arthouse cinema in Sofia and also on the Executive Board of the Association of Independent theatre in Bulgaria. In 2021, together with Ketty Marinova, he co-founded “Force Majeure”, a production house for all forms of contemporary art. Stefan is also a dedicated wine-enlightener. His company “Na po vino” specializes in the distribution and popularization of Bulgarian wine via articles, tastings, and various services. Stefan is also a co-host of a podcast dedicated to links between wine and culture.

Team 1° Event


Toplotsentrala Regional Centre for Contemporary Art

19:30 | Team 1° Dancer Lea Burkart (Germany), composer Andreas Eduardo Frank (Switzerland) and the tandem of theatre and performance artists Ketty Marinova and Stefan Prohorov (Bulgaria) will present the outcome of their collaboration inspired by this year's festival theme existinct.


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