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Florence Ruckstuhl

Dramaturg, theater artist, moderator of 180°

Photo: Charlotte Boesling

Name: Florence Ruckstuhl (she/her)

Where are you from? Gießen (DE)

Describe yourself in 1-3 sentences (1-3 Words): I like feminism, french fries and when sparks fly.

Who is “Artist”? Whoever does something and calls that „Art“?

What is extinct? Dinosaurs 🙁

What should exist? An unconditional basic income for everyone AND self-organized community work as part of a school education AND „women’s“ shoes in sizes bigger than 41 AND of course social, political and  economical justice in every shape and form AND rainproof jackets, that do not look rainproof. AND, AND, AND. Hard question.

How do you feel about mistakes? Pretty anxious.

Superpowers? Sleeping. 

What is art for? Art produces glimpses and tiny moments of Alternatives and Potentialities. It can shift the way things go, a few millimeters in a different direction. 

Florence Ruckstuhl studied Applied theater studies in Gießen (DE). She works as an independent dramaturg and theater artist. Her work deals with questions on emancipated reception and imagination, possibilities of Community and Collaboration from a queer-feminist point of view, aesthetics of destruction, non-human actors on stages and an artistic practice at the interface between visual  and performative arts.

Dietmar Wiesner

Flutist, composer

Name: Dietmar Wiesner

Where are you from? Germany

Describe yourself in 1-3 sentences (1-3 Words): Stay restless

Who is “Artist”? Someone who creates

What is extinct? Unfortunately a lot of things.

What should exist? Multiplicity

How do you feel about mistakes? I try to avoid them but……

Superpowers? Me? No

What is art for? Art reigns

Photo: Andreas Etter

Dietmar Wiesner lives and works in Frankfurt, Germany. As co-founder and flutist of the Ensemble Modern, he is involved in all of the ensemble’s artistic and organizational processes and has worked with some of the most prominent contemporary composers. He has played concerts and participated in numerous festivals in and outside Europe and performed as soloist in numerous orchestras, including the SWR Symphony Orchestra in Baden-Baden and Freiburg. He teaches at the International Academy of Modern Ensemble (IEMA) and is an Associate Professor of Contemporary Music at the HfMDK University of Music, Theatre and Dance in Frankfurt. Dietmar has worked with legendary artists such as Frank Zappa, Steve Reich, Heiner Goebbels, Helmut Lachermann, Unsuk Chin, Sofia Gubaidulina, Alva Noto, Gidon Kremer, and many others.

Mihaela Dobreva

Scenography, digital artist, moderator of 180°

Photo: Yana Lozeva

Name: Mihaela Dobreva

Where are you from? Sofia, Bulgaria

Describe yourself in 1-3 sentences (1-3 Words): Slow, repetitive, melancholic

Who is “Artist”? Everyone that can bear being one.

What is extinct? Dinosaurs and manners.

What should exist? Nature, natural processes.

How do you feel about mistakes? Starting to use them creatively.

Superpowers? Biking, stressing.

What is art for? Nothing and that’ beautiful.

Mihaela Dobreva, born 1993 in Sofia, Bulgaria, holds BA and MA degree in Scenography from National Academy of Arts Sofia. Currently she is a PhD candidate in the Digital arts department of NAA and she works as full time assistant professor in the Scenography department, where she is teaching the Computer graphics and animation courses. Mihaela Dobreva is the co-founder and current director of the artistic collective SAPROMAT together with Boris Daltchev. The primary focus of their artistic work and research is situated in the fields of site specific, interactive and immersive art, sculpture, installation and performance. Their first performance as a collective “Phantasm” was nominated for the IKAR prize in 2021 in the category “Contemporary dance and performance”. Also her professional CV includes more than 20 theater and dance performances performed in the theaters around Bulgaria where she has worked as set and costume designer and multimedia artist. Her fields of interest vary in a wide spectrum including digital arts, creative coding, CAD programs as well as cultural management (from 2020 she is working as program manager for 180 degrees festival for innovative arts).

Alexandar Hadjiev

Musician, cultural mediator, moderator of 180°

Name: Smasho

Where are you from? From the past, living in the present, trying to survive for the future.

Describe yourself in 1-3 sentences (1-3 Words): Annoying person, believing in the unbelievable.

Who is “Artist”? Phantom

What is extinct? The Patience

What should exist? The wish of existing

How do you feel about mistakes? Inspiration

Superpowers? I can break awkwardness with stupid jokes

What is art for? To express our imagination

Photo: Iliyan Ruzhin

Alexandar Hadjiev was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. He studied bassoon at National School of Music “L. Pipkov” and at the “Folkwang” University of Arts in Essen. In 2011/12 he was a scholarship holder at the International Ensemble Modern Academy in Frankfurt am Main, where he completed his Master’s degree in contemporary music. He is a member of MAM.manufaktur für aktuelle musik and a guest musician of Ensemble Modern. As a composer and performer, Alexander is active in the field of interdisciplinary art and has created productions for Deutsches Theater Berlin, Theater Münster, Mousonturm, Bauhaus Dessau and others. In 2014 he co-founded the 180° – laboratory for innovative art Festival in Sofia, which focuses on the process of interdisciplinary collaboration between international artists. Alexander is active in the field of cultural education and interventions and participates in numerous international conferences as a participant, mediator and speaker.

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