Team 3°

Natasha Vergilio

Dance, choreography, performance

Photo: Natasha Vergilio

Name: Natasha

Where are you from? São Paulo, Brasil

Describe yourself in 1-3 sentences (1-3 Words): Contradiction

Who is “Artist”? Anyone

What is extinct? Nothing

What should exist? All things that you can imagine

How do you feel about mistakes? Extinct

Superpowers? My body

What is art for? I can’t answer

Natasha Vergilio is a Brazilian artist based in Berlin, with 13 years of experience working professionally in the artistic field as a performer, movement director and choreographer. Refining her intuitive art and physical experiences over the years, her work values the diverse forms of marginal intellectuality and the technology of these bodies and their stories.

Mirian Kolev

Experimental music

Name: Mirian

Where are you from? From Svishtov, but I live in Tryavna.

Describe yourself in 1-3 sentences (1-3 Words): I may have a few different modes that I change frequently. Sometimes I’m in a very chill-out, lazy mode and sometimes I switch it into a very dynamic mode.

Who is “Artist”? A person who creates something.

What is extinct? I don’t think there is such a thing.

What should exist? Everything that exists, obviously must exist.

How do you feel about mistakes? I feel sorry for them. When it comes to me, I try to learn from them and I can recommend that to everyone – it’s good to be aware of your mistakes.

Superpowers? My ability to disconnect from my surroundings.

What is art for? I think it serves, mostly, to form a feeling in people and to make them think about something. I think good art is art that you can immerse yourself in and forget about the surrounding world, or at least for a moment.

Photo: Mirian Kolev

Mirian Kolev lives and works in the Balkan Mountains, and presents his work throughout different geographical areas in Europe and Asia. He often collaborates with visual and performance artists and other musicians, and participates in multidisciplinary projects. His music is minimalist, atmospheric and discreetly psychedelic, and improvisation is an essential part of each of his live performances, making it an expressive soundtrack of time and space. At times his music is bleak, at times cosmic, and melancholy is often present in it as well as in the world surrounding him.

Ole Meergans

Visual artist

Photo: Matthias Steinkraus

Name: Ole Meergans

Where are you from? Berlin

Describe yourself in 1-3 sentences (1-3 Words): Chill

Who is “Artist”? Everyone

What is extinct? Sculpture

What should exist? Sculpture

How do you feel about mistakes? Everyday life

Superpowers? Mistakes

What is art for? Everything

Ole Meergans (*1988) is a visual artist and lives in Berlin. He studied sculpting at Berlin University of the Arts, visiting Manfred Pernice’s class. In joint exhibitions or in projects in public areas, he deals with classic sculpting, room installations and the architectonic space. Meergans is interested in art in buildings, above all from the former GDR, and the issue of figuration und abstraction. Geometric, preformed concrete blocks without any use – similar to those in the Berlin prefabricated housing estates – can be found in his works, together with figurative or even deformed busts of gypsum or bronze, or 3D-printed. He is a member of the COLLCOLL artists’ collective, which has set itself the task of organising discourses on reclaiming the city, participation and self-empowerment through artistic intervention.

Team 3° Event


The Steps Sofia

19:30 | Team 3°  Musician Mirian Kolev (Bulgaria), dancer Natasha Vergilio (Brazil/Germany) and visual artist Ole Meergans (Germany) will present the outcome of their collaboration inspired by this year's festival theme existinct.


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