The first edition of 180 ° was held on August 7. – 9. 2014 in Sofia. It included different styles of music performed in a combination of different instruments. All three events were inspired by abstract themes and presented in collaboration with other arts.


Sarah Smith (England) – Clarinet

Agatha Darashkaite (Lithuania) – Violin

Greta Mutlu (Bulgaria) – Violin

Gergana Petrova (Bulgaria) – Violin

Elitsa Bogdanova (Bulgaria) – Viola

Svetlana Berova (Bulgaria) – Viola

Stefan Hadjiev (Bulgaria) – Cello

Peteris Solokovskis (Latvia) – Cello

Alexander Hadjiev (Bulgaria) – Bassoon

Dominik Kleinknecht (Germany) – Sound design

Veneta Neynska (Bulgaria) – Piano

Lily Bogdanova (Bulgaria) – Piano


Sara Bizzoca (Italy)

Fotini Papadopoulou (Greece)

Amalia Kosma (Greece)

Tadeu Liesenfeld (Brazil)

Pierre Magendie (France)

Bianca Sere Pulungan (Indonesia)


Kamen Marin (Bulgaria)

Design 2014:

Logo – Ivan Ivanov;

Visual identity – Alexandar Hadjiev

Photos: Simon Kleinknecht

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