180° had once again challenged the conception of art in the last week of July in Sofia with its NINTH EDITION. The Theme of the festival in 2022 was “existinct”.

From the 23rd to the 29th, international young artists gathered in Bulgaria’s capital, joining forces to transcend traditional artistic boundaries and foster their innovative ideas across diverse dimensions of art.

A first in the festival’s history, this edition featured the Community Lab°. This new program component encompassed a series of workshops, designed to stimulate creativity, encourage interaction, and inspire thoughtful reflection. It served as a conduit for horizontal communication, emphasizing topics crucial to the development and positioning of art and culture in our society.

The festival culminated in a dynamic presentation of outcomes from the various teams and the student lab. Each group exhibited the fruits of their collaborations, showcasing their creative journey throughout the week. From the symposium on “The Role of Art in Society” to the grand finale of the Silent Short Film Competition, the festival concluded on a high note, reflecting the vibrancy and innovative spirit of 180°.


Team 1°

Lea Burkart (Germany) – dance
Andreas Eduardo Frank (Switzerland/Germany) – composer
Ketty Marinova and Stefan Prohorov (Bulgaria) – theatre/performance

Team 2°

Ksenia Ravvina (Germany/Russia) – director
Marion Darova (Bulgaria) – choreographer
Jan Brauer (Germany) – composer/producer

Team 3°

Mirian Kolev (Bulgaria) – musician
Natasha Vergilio (Brazil/Germany) – dance
Ole Meergans (Germany) – visual art


Rebecca Lawrence (USA) – double bass(IEMA)
Jacopo Rebledillo (Spain) – viola(IEMA)
Rebecca Blau (Switzerland) – flute(IEMA)
Maria Tabakova (Bulgaria) – dance
Gergana Ivanova (Bulgaria) – visual art
Irina Stoyanova (Bulgaria) – dance

StudentLab Mentors°

Florence Ruckstuhl (Switzerland) – dramaturg/theatre artist
Dietmar Wiesner (Germany) – flutist/composer
Ksenia Ravvina (Germany/Russia) – director
Mihaela Dobreva (Bulgaria) – set designer/digital arts
Alexandar Hadjiev (Germany/Bulgaria) – musician / composer

Community Lab Participants°

Maya Boyadjieva (Bulgaria) – contrabass
Zara Kusheva (Bulgaria) – cello
Dennyslav Karaatanasov (Bulgaria) – cello
Ani Ubenova (Bulgaria) – dance
Teodora Dimitrova (Bulgaria) – dance
Hristo Zhelev (Bulgaria) – percussions

180° Visual Designer 2022

Nikol Decheva (Bulgaria)

Photos: Kalina Georgieva, Iliyan Ruzhin, Ognian Stefanov

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