180° had once again challenged the conception of art in the last week of July in Sofia with its EIGHT EDITION. The Theme of the festival in 2021 was “ZOOM”.

From July 24 to 30, international young artists had met in the capital and worked together to escape traditional notions, to experiment, and to develop their innovative ideas for exploring various artistic dimensions.

For the first year, the festival program had included “In-Situ:Friction” – an educational collaboration project between 180° – Laboratory for Innovative Art (Bulgaria) and the International Ensemble Modern Academy (Germany). The project had created a partnership between the two organizations, allowing students from Germany and Bulgaria to explore the different cultural values of the cities of Sofia and Frankfurt am Main, inspiring them to create new innovative formats and cultural projects and encounter the multiple faces of both cities. The project was part of the Ulysses Network program.


Team 1°

Kasia Kizior (Poland/Germany) – dance

Ines Simeonova (Bulgaria) – piano

Cyrill Lim (Switzerland) – composer



Team 2°

Lenah Flaig(Germany) – dance

Valentin Schroeteler (Switzerland) – actor

Zero One (Bulgaria) – digital arts



Team 3°

Iva Ivanova (Bulgaria) – costume and set design

Laura Endres (Switzerland) – sound design and geology

Nathan Watts (Germany/USA) – cello


In-Situ 1°

Elena Dimitrova (Bulgaria) – scenography (student NAA)

Veronika Paleeva (Germany/Ukraine) – violin (student IEMA)

Flora Geißelbrecht (Austria) – viola (student IEMA)

Moritz Koch (Germany) – percussions (студент IEMA)

Felix Schauren (Germany) – conductor (student IEMA)


In-Situ 2°

Lidia Stanulova (Bulgaria)– design and game design (student NAA)

Riccardo Acciarano (Italy) – clarinet (student IEMA)

Antonio La Spina (Italy) – composer (student IEMA)

Yiyang Zhao (China) – cello (student IEMA)

Jae A Shin (Korea) – violin (student IEMA)

Lucie Chollet (France) – cello (student IEMA)

In-Situ 3°

Alexandrа Zlatanova (Bulgaria) – painter (student NAA)

Kathrin Isabelle Klein (Germany) – piano (student IEMA)

Claire Colombo (Italy) – oboe (student IEMA)

Lukas Nowok (Germany) – sound design (student IEMA)

Zacharias Faßhauer (Germany) – contrabass (student IEMA)

Jaume Darbra Fa (Catalonia) – flute (student IEMA)

180° Visual Designer 2021

Kiril Peytchev (Bulgaria)

Photos: Kalina Georgieva and Merian Nikolova

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