VideoMotion 2020 Final

We are extremely happy that once again we managed to announce our annual “Videomotion” competition for short mute movie. We received many wonderful and very creative videos, but our Jury had to choose just 3 finalists, with a decision based on 3 criterias – 1. Creativity/innovation; 2. Connection to the topic “Choros” and 3. Interdisciplinary potential.

The 3 finalists are:

  1. Ruska Zidarova – Human in Space
  2. Evgeni Vatsov – Choros
  3. ZeroOne – Composition

The jury statement:
“We rated the videos in 3 categories, scoring points for each. The first was “creativity / innovation”. Here we looked for ideas, perspectives, methods and stories that would surprise us. The second category was “Connection to the topic”, in which we looked for the relation with this year’s topic “Choros”. The third category was “Interdisciplinary Potential.Since the musicians of the festival are going to overdub the videos, the jury was looking for entrances, that gave a lot of potential for a dialogue between the moving picture and the music. The three finalists are the ones who collected the highest total of points from the three categories.
Another really important aspect for the jury was the fact that this competition is open to everyone, professionals and non-professionals. For this reason, the judging was not based on conventional criteria of movie-making or cinematography, but highly focussing on genuine creativity apart from technique.”
Jury: Florence Ruckstuhl(Director/head of the Jury), Mihaela Dobreva(Visual and Digital Artist/Scenographer) and Alexandar Hadjiev(Musician/Curator of 180°)

The three finalists were overdubbed live while improvising in Zoom by our wonderful musicians: Dora Dimitrova – Violin, Nefeli Galani – Viola, Elif Dimli – Cello, Lina Andonovska – Flute and Hugo Queiros – Clarinet.
You can see the whole live session here:

Now everything is in your hands and you can vote here for your winner by latest Friday July 31st 23:59(Bulgarian time). The winner will be announced on Saturday August 1st at 19:00 on our closing event live here and in facebook.

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