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“In fifteen seconds, the difference between composition and improvisation is that in composition you have all the time you want to decide what to say in fifteen seconds, while in improvisation you have fifteen seconds.” (Steve Lacy, composer and saxophone player, 1934-2004)

Explore the world of real-time expression at our Improvisation Lab. Demystify free improvisation and deepen your understanding of its musical and theoretical concepts. From parametric thinking to reflective observations, discover the limitless possibilities of improvisation.

The mentor of the workshop will be Ivar Roban Križić. The workshop focuses on developing and showcasing improvisational skills, and as a conclusion, participants will accompany the finalists’ videos in the VideoMotion silent film competition at the closing event of the 180° – Laboratory for Innovative Art Festival on July 28th at Fabrica 126.

Ivar Roban Krizic (*1990, Zagreb, Croatia) studied Double Bass at the Jazz Department in Graz and is currently pursuing an Artistic Research Doctorate at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna with research into the epistemology of free improvisation. His artistic practice involves a wide variety of international projects ranging from contemporary jazz to experimental music and free improvisation. His research deals with the notions of flow, reflection, and musical cognition in the context of free improvised music. Through his research he wishes to explore the various cognitive states in which performers find themselves in during improvisation and create performative frameworks which allow both the musical and reflective aspects to coexist in the same context.


  • 28th July (Friday): 5-hour workshop.
  • 28th July (Friday) at 19:30: Performance at the VideoMotion Competition Final as part of the closing event of the 180° – Laboratory for Innovative Art Festival.
  • Working language: English.

We are looking for music students or young professionals of all ages. The number of participants is limited, so we suggest you apply as soon as possible.

A unique opportunity to explore and extend your musical creativity and performance skills.

Fill out the application form by 19th July 2023 at the latest. Participation in the workshop is free of charge.
Please note that Festival 180° does not provide coverage for travel and accommodation expenses.

Apply here:

If you meet any technical issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us at !

The workshop is held with the kind support and partnership of the EFFEA, Music Biennale Zagreb and Ring Ring Festival Belgrade.

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