180° Visual Designer 2022°

Nikol Decheva

Photo: Nikol Decheva

Name: Nikol

Where are you from? Sofia

Describe yourself in 1-3 sentences (1-3 Words): I like to observe what’s happening around me. I like to think of im/possible happenings.

Who is “Artist”? The one who expresses inner worlds into outer worlds and vice versa. A specific wavelength of sensitivity. Or just a label.

What is extinct? The patience between us

What should exist? Empathy, languages, rhythms, clouds

How do you feel about mistakes? Bipolar. I’m learning how to direct mistakes to new paths and possibly different outcomes. Mistakes are open-ended.

Superpowers? Calmness

What is art for? To react

Nikol is a graphic designer from Sofia. She graduated in Poster and Visual Communication at the National Academy of Arts in Bulgaria. Her practice takes form in formats such as posters, print media, visual identities.


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