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Over the past ten years, 180° – Laboratory for Innovative Art has established itself as one of the most innovative and inspiring cultural events on the European scene – an event that has managed to create an environment and network for international artists to be able to create together without having to conform to set criteria; and a space where risks are possible and mistakes and failure are part of the artistic process.

With its valuable experience based on working with representatives of various international cultural organisations, participating in and creating numerous forums and lectures, the 180° team will for the second year in a roll hold the innovative Community Lab forum within the tenth edition of the 180° – laboratory for innovative art .
The forum has been developed according to an innovative European model based on stimulating the creativity of the participants and their interaction with each other, reflection and horizontal communication with a focus on the theme of the role of art and culture in society.

180° Community Lab Program

18 – 22.07.2023 – Creativity Lab°

Creativity Lab is a four-day workshop for students from art high schools in Sofia, with the aim to provoke the creation of an artistic interdisciplinary performance, which will be presented at the opening event of the 180° – Laboratory for Innovative Art Festival at the Toplocentrala Sofia. The initiative will include workshops on improvisation, stage presence and the creation and development of creative artistic concepts. 

Participants will get the opportunity to learn more about the collective interdisciplinary artistic process that could help shape their artistic identity. Within four days, students will create their own concept, which they will present to the audience at 180°. The program is specially designed by the interdisciplinary artist Ksenia Ravvina (director, writer), who have extensive international experience in conducting cultural and educational projects.

22.07.2023 | Toplocentrala Sofia | 19:30 – Results of the Creativity Lab for art school students led by director Ksenia Ravvina, part of the cultural and educational program Community Lab°.

  22. – 28.07.2023 – Student Lab°

For another year 180° – laboratory for innovative art Festival (Bulgaria) in partnership with Goethe-Institut organizes a lab for students and young professionals based in Bulgaria and Germany. The project offers the participants an active educational program led by prominent interdisciplinary professionals; work in an online platform for the exchange of ideas; work on live projects within the 180° – Laboratory for Innovative Art Festival. 

The goal of the Lab is creating innovative creative projects that eliminate boundaries between disciplines and genres by going beyond traditional methods of art making and support young artists by providing an environment that encourages freedom of creativity and exploration of contemporary art trends.

27.07.2023 | Goethe-Institut Bulgarien | 19:30 –Art students from Germany and Bulgaria are meeting during the 180° festival in Sofia to collaborate and create an art experiment in the building of the Goethe-Institut Bulgaria. They will present the outcomes of their collaborative work, inspired by this year’s festival theme: 42. PARTICIPANTS


Discussion: “Building sustainable artistic international partnerships – mission (im)possible”

The CULTURE MOVES EUROPE mobility programme for artists and cultural professionals is now underway. Dozens of projects are already taking place and many more are being implemented in the countries that are part of the Creative Europe programme, and with their realisation, the results are in.

Many of the benefits and helpful effects of mobility with CME are obvious, but at the same time it is important to critically reflect on the processes, advantages and challenges that the programme presents to us.
Culture Office of Creative Europe Desk, in partnership with 180° – Laboratory for Innovative Art Festival, invites you to an open discussion on the relevance, function and state of artistic mobility in Europe and beyond.

Moderated by Desislava Pancheva and Stefan Prohorov

Elif Dimli, Nina DeLudemann, Ksenia Ravvina, Valentin Schroeteler and Alexandar Hadjiev – participants in the festival program and beneficiaries of the Culture Moves Europe program

The discussion is open to everyone. To join, please fill in this form.

27.07.2023 | Goethe-Institut Bulgarien | 17:00 – Discussion: “Building sustainable artistic international partnerships – mission (im)possible”

  28.07.2023  – Improvisation Lab°

“In fifteen seconds, the difference between composition and improvisation is that in composition you have all the time you want to decide what to say in fifteen seconds, while in improvisation you have fifteen seconds.” (Steve Lacy, composer and saxophone player, 1934-2004)

Explore the world of real-time expression at our Improvisation Lab. Demystify free improvisation and deepen your understanding of its musical and theoretical concepts. From parametric thinking to reflective observations, discover the limitless possibilities of improvisation.

The mentor of the workshop will be Ivar Roban Križić. The workshop focuses on developing and showcasing improvisational skills, and as a conclusion, participants will accompany the finalists’ videos in the VideoMotion silent film competition at the closing event of the 180° – Laboratory for Innovative Art Festival on July 28th at Fabrica 126.

28.07.2023 | Fabrica 126 | 19:30 – Official closing of the festival and final of the VideoMotion 2023 competition for short silent films, open to professionals and amateurs. This year the theme is 42, and the videos selected at the final will be accompanied by live improvisation performances by the participants of the 180° Improvisation Lab, led by Ivar Roban Križić.

180° Community Lab is held with the kind support and partnership of the Goethe-Institut, Sofia Municipality, EFFEA and Creative Europe Desk Bulgaria.

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