Florence Ruckstuhl

Florence Ruckstuhl, born and raised in Basel (Switzerland), studies at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen (Germany). After graduating school, she collaborated with different artists and gained practical experiences as an assistant director and actress, amongst others at Theater Basel, Dokumentartage Basel at Kaserne Basel and Vorstadttheater Basel. As a performer and dramaturg Florence Ruckstuhl develops her own artistic works in different working constellations.  Within her studies she worked, amongst others, with mentors like Heiner Goebbels, Kate McIntosh, Markus Öhrn and Robin Arthur (Forced Entertainment). Her artistic practice deals with questions on performative situations of exception, aesthetics of destruction, the autonomy of reception and with experiments on the connection of bodies and objects in motion. Another line of her work deals with community and outreach projects, most recently as a recipient of the second scholarship „Performance Theatre for young audiences“ at Theater Freiburg.

Alexandar Hadjiev

Alexandar is a Bulgarian-German musician, artist and producer. Graduated from NMU “L. Pipkov ”and Folkwang University in Essen with a degree in bassoon performance, and followed by master degree in contemporary music by the International Ensemble Modern Academy in Frankfurt. In the past 10 years, Alexander has worked in the field of interdisciplinary performance, cultural and educational projects and in the field of music as creator of electronic music and a bassoon player, performing with groups such as MAM and Ensemble Modern around the world. He has worked with names such as Helmut Lachenmann, Enno Poppe, Stefan Goldmann, Matthias Pintscher, Paul Frick, Ksenia Ravvina, Thomas Ades, Beat Furer, Brigita Mutendorf, Gidon Kremer and many others. In 2014, together with Elitsa Bogdanova, Veneta Neynska and his brother Stefan, created “180° – Laboratory for Innovative Art” in Sofia, where he is still artistic director. www.a-hadjiev.com

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